iPhone 5-Apple Begins Where Imagination Ends

Have you ever imagined possessing an iPhone with a blade thin panel, virtual laser keyboard and holography technique? Even though it sounds like a dream, it may become a thumping reality in the near future.  With speculations ripe regarding the release of the iPhone 5 by Apple, succeeding the evenly popular iPhone 4S, tech savvy’s may be in for a cheer!

It is estimated that the iPhone 5 will incorporate some of the following awe-inspiring features:-

  1. This phone could have more of an iPod touch as compared to the iPhone 4S.
  2. Newest Features- iPhone 5 may integrate breathtaking attributes like laser keyboard, ultra thin design and holographic display.
  3. Processor-Apart from increased RAM and storage memory (up to 64GB), iPhone 5 will incorporate Apple’s super speedy A5 dual core, an upgraded version of A4 processor.
  4. Operating System-The crux of iPhone 5 is its novel operation system-iOS 5. A key aspect of this new OS is that all software updates would be transmitted wirelessly and these updates only include the small alterations and not a change in the complete Operating System. iOS 5 also accompanies with improved news stand and I message system.
  5. Camera-It is conjectured that iPhone 5 will have built-in 8Mp camera with an improved flash, which will transcend iPhone 4S in terms of pixels.
  6. Broadband Features-With announcements of several 4G handsets, it’s beyond doubt that iPhone 5 will be based on 4G Broadband technology.
  7. Micro HDMI-In-built micro HDMI port that can be used to connect the iPhone to TV.
  8. Biometric Security-Instead of password protection, iPhone 5 will use biometric system like fingerprint scanner for security purposes.
  9. NFC Technology-Near field communication technology will allow iPhone 5 to act as a payment device or even as a car’s key.

10.  Live Video Chatting-Currently, on the iPhone 4S, video chatting can be done only over Wi-Fi but in iOS 5, doing Face Time over a cellular data network is now part of the settings menu.

  1. Inductive Charging-Inherent inductive charging via a newly developed Qi electronic chip

12.  Highly enhanced graphics-iPhone 5 may use the next generation PowerVRSGX545 chip.

13.  iCloud-With iCloud service, users are allowed to transfer all their apps, photos, music and documents from their cell phone to their computers, wirelessly

14.  Overall Features-It is a common gossip that the glass back of iPhone 4S would be replaced by a glazing metallic body (which will also act as an antenna) in iPhone 5. The new display would be 4” with highly sensitive touch screen.

Even though Apple has not officially declared a specific date for iPhone 5’s release, it is speculated that it would hit the market by mid 2012. So, just hold your breaths until this legendary faerie makes a foray into this i-world and rocks the globe.

Plunge into the world of iPhones and savor the newest features of Apple’s masterpieces.